How do I get started?

There is a test...yep a test. We have a discounted online study course for $40 with a 97% guaranteed pass rate.


Do I need a college degree?

No. Some of the best producers never went to college.

​How do I find clients?

You are provided with the leads through the in-house lead program. We encourage you to use them along with the other systems that we have to help you increase your bank account.

How much can I make?

As much as you want. You get paid through direct deposit usually within 24 hours. Our average producers can make $300 - $500 a day. Our agency builders can make 6 figures very quickly, only thing that is needed is your commitment.

Is there training?

Yes, training is ongoing. You get trained with online webinars, field training and classroom training.

Do I need to be good in math?

Not at all. The system is virtually automated. You can use the online app that does all the heavy lifting for you.