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Our Lead system for finding the senior to talk to is.....well....Bananas!!


Once you commit to our system you can enter our in-house lead program. This program allows for builders to acquire TV, Mailer and Internet leads with no UPFRONT COST.

When leads are requested they are exclusively given to one person and to that one person only. The cost of the leads are deferred and paid through the income earned.


For example: if you are expecting a $1,000 commission deposit, 50% will go to the balance of your leads and 50% goes IN YOUR POCKET (bank account)!


Notice we didn’t say your entire income goes to your balance…No Not At ALL! Now you can put gas in your car to go to your next appointment, food in your belly to keep you energized, pay your bills to alleviate stress and put something aside for a rainy (or sunny) day.


But that’s not it….your leads ACTUALLY KNOW WHY YOU ARE CONTACTING THEM. They don’t think you are trying to fix their roof, update their Social Security or employee benefits or deliver their free tiny radio "gift". They have already inquired and requested the information from us via mail, from a TV ad or internet that clearly states the purpose of your contact.





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